4 National Circuit courtyard, National Circuit building community

National Circuit, a lively precinct in the heart of Barton.

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Barton, ACT Australia

National Circuit precinct is comprised of seven commercial buildings in the heart of Canberra's parliamentary precinct.

Owned by ISPT who are in the final stages of a 15-year program to develop the northern end of National Circuit. The result is an award-winning, architectural triumph that connects the surrounding buildings and working communities.

Both beautiful and practical in design, the precinct has been ‘master-planned’ as a vibrant village covering 78,900 square metres, linking surrounding buildings and their communities of over 6,000 workers. Successfully connecting people and place through innovative design and added amenity.

4 National Circuit courtyard, live music events and activations
Convenience & Vibrance

Outdoor walkways, courtyards and landscaping provide a feeling of tranquillity along with vibrant cafes and restaurants, annual activation and event programming.

4 National Circuit, Barton ACT by architect Fender Katsalidis
Convenience & Vibrance

4 National Circuit has been designed as the precinct's hub.

Featuring Flex by ISPT, our national network of team working, meeting and conference space along with integrated cafe, library, childcare and a wellness space adding atmosphere and convenience.

The Library at 4 National Circuit, shared common area space
Convenience & Vibrance

Combining to create an urban workplace that engages employees with their environment, encourages them be more social, productive and happier at work every day.

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Lunchtime outdoor yoga for National Circuit precinct wellness program

Flexible workspace.
As you need it.

Flex by ISPT, flexible meeting and conference space, Barton ACT

Fresh, contemporary meeting and office spaces filled with natural light.

Located at 4 National Circuit, Flex by ISPT is our national network of convenient, high-quality teamworking, meeting, conferencing and event spaces.